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What are SOAP LOGS?

OHAYO SOAP LOGS are large, uncut blocks of soap. You get a soap log when you select weights above 200 grams from our store.

A 1kg SOAP LOG can last up to 18 months for one person. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The expiry date for an OHAYO SOAP LOG is three years from the manufacturing date.

Pic: 250gms , 500gms, 1.5kg logs of Oud & Musk

You do not need an occasion to gift our SOAP LOGS.

They make a thoughtful, intimate gift for any moment worth a memory.

Pic: OHAYO SOAP LOGS are earth-friendly, reducing carbon footprint from our consumption habits.

Ohayo Soap Logs make a lovely coffee table display. When your guest is curious, cut them a slice and gift it to them. We suggest a ceramic/ wooden cheese platter with a glass dome for the display. Cut a slice of soap and enjoy gifting.

Pic: A coffee table display makes a lovely icebreaker for conversations.

How do I store and cut my log into smaller bars?

If not on display, store the LOG away from direct sunlight in your wardrobe. We will provide you with extra sheets to wrap them for storage. Our soaps love to breathe. So you do not have to seal them tightly, but wrap them enough not to let dust, etc., settle on them.

Cut the large logs into smaller bars using a clean, sharp kitchen knife, much like you would cut a loaf of bread. Do not use a serrated knife, as it will leave cut marks on your bar.

Our final product is inedible, but our base oils are all-natural and edible. You are using pure fats from luxury oils with high levels of naturally formed glycerin, vitamin E, and minerals that help your skin stay hydrated.

All that blends well ends well.

Our SOAP LOGS are artisanal, vegan, petrochemical-free, and cruelty-free. They are luxury suds that are baby skin-friendly, which means you can use them for children above nine months. They release no toxins through the bath water. So the sea beings stay healthy.

We also make custom bars for wedding giveaways, birthdays, and corporate gifts.

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