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Marachekku / 
cold-press oil extraction for Ohayo bars.
Unlike our soaps, our base oils are edible ./ 

How we do

Small batches. Handmade. Handcut.

What we do

We make luxury* vegan body bars.


Ohayo bars are made using the ancient art of handcrafted soap making techniques. All our bars are hand-cut and have natural imperfections. 


Wood-pressed/cold-pressed soaps are made with oils sourced from around the world, a generous sprinkling of music, and the joy of indulgent crafting. 


*luxury - The luxury of time you give yourself. Either with beautiful fragrances, music, or whatever else that makes you feel like you are spending time without the need to be productive. The art of doing nothing. 


Shown in the picture is one of our best sellers, Kewra Malar. It was made in an 8-kilo rectangle wooden slab. The rectangle was hand-cut into vertical slabs that fit the cutter.


After cutting, each bar is beveled to ensure soft edges. It is now all set for curing. Four weeks later, they are ready to be packed and delivered to you with love.

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