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Questions & Answers

  • What does Ohayo mean?
    Ohayo is a Japanese word for an informal good morning / hello. On that note, "Hello. How are you doing today?"
  • I feel like eating my soap. What should I do?
    We have had many people ask us this question. We are sincerely working on the answer...
  • I want to send across a surprise gift. What should I do?
    It's beautiful that you want to surprise a special someone. Ohayo bars make intimate, one of a kind gift for any occasion. We regularly ship surprises across India. Email us your personal note. We will handwrite it for you and ship the surprise gift you choose from our store.
  • How should I use a Ohayo bar?
    Start music. Turn the shower on. Get wet. Turn the shower off. Pick up your Ohayo bar. Take in the fragrance. If there isn't any, or if it is mild, do not curse us. It is a natural fragrance. It will eventually fade like a pretty flower sitting on a plant. This is the time you realize nothing is permanent. Having experienced that a-ha moment, take the bar in your palms, wet it slightly, and build up a good lather. Keep the soap away and start massaging your body gently like a cotton ball suddenly hitting your cheek on a windy day. All this time, the shower is off, and the music is on. Try to avoid scrubbing your skin like a soldier. That method is for the army. Armchair idealists like us need a gentle touch of love. After this, we think you know the dance. Do keep in mind it is slippery when wet. Bonne douche. This photograph is the after effect of having a warm shower at night, with or without Ohayo.
  • Why are handcrafted soaps so different?
    The traditional method of creating handmade soaps hasn't undergone much of a change since a few hundred years. While, the thought is romantic, it is physical labor and very dependent on natural elements. Handcrafted soaping is much like farming. Humidity and temperature levels greatly affect the behaviour of every ingredient in the soaping process. Everybody is the main character here. No extras! To this volatile situation, we add more volatility in the form of natural clays, butters, colours, fragrances and essential oils. Each and every oil has its own quirks, demands and behave very differently during saponification. What smells very strong off the amber bottle, doesn't necessarily convert to the same after it mixes with the other characters in the cauldron. Experience and patience have taught us what works and what doesn't. At the end of it all, because we love playing with the chemistry, the music, the fragrances and the colours, we try to create a bar which you might love to take back home with you.
  • Can children use the Ohayo bar?
    Yes. The Ohayo bar is child friendly and safe for babies. Try our shea butter options for them. Please read our answer for "how to use Ohayo bar?" for instructions on applying soap for your children. This is also a good time to tell them how to conserve water by turning the shower off while soaping themselves.
  • Does Ohayo make soaps for men?
    Yes we do. All the bars are for men and women. Many male perfumes use floral blends to create that "man fragrance". So try it out. Fragrance is like music. No gender.
  • Can I use an Ohayo bar outside my bathroom?
    Yes you can. You can use it in the hills, wilderness trips, on treks, your road trips etc. Pick up the unscented bars whenever they are available in the store. It's ideal. Animals may not like fragrances called Love Spell or Mystic Messenger. It would be tip top bonanza if you try not to carry anything that has a strong scent on a road trip, listen to music only on headphones and talk softly. If you know someone who is planning to run away from home, drop some of our turmeric bars into their bag. The woody fragrance will have them tracing their steps back home like a puppy.
  • What is the optimal method for a quick splurge of indulgence?
    If you are pressed for time, singing (try Tuvan throat singing), in your shower can transform a "technically I had a bath" to "I spent some quality time with myself (without worrying about missing my school bus)". Yes. We were surprised when many adults told us that their morning shower is always rushed. They say, it is habit formation since school. Your shower time is your private time. Do not let whatsapp, phone calls or other such insects disturb you. Swat them by turning your phone to airplane mode and turning the music on. Bonne douche.
  • Does Ohayo make bespoke soaps?
    Yes we do. Connect with us. Our soaps make wonderful gifts for you and your loved ones. They are natural / luxurious. A handcrafted bar of soap is an intimate, one of a kind gift.
  • Does Ohayo ship outside India?
    At present we do not. If you have friends/family coming from India to visit you, we can always ship it to their address (anywhere within India). Click on the boat to know more.
  • How is my Ohayo Soap packed?
    Your Ohayo soap is packed in butter paper with a label of ingredients.
  • What does curing an Ohayo cold pressed soap mean?
    The most important reason to cure a soap is for the water to slowly evaporate over time. What you are left with is hardered fat of the oils. Glycerine is a natural byproduct of this process. The curing time (4-6 weeks) allows the soap to harden. A harder bar of soap will last longer, produce more lather, and just be an overall better bar of soap. Curing time is only for cold processed soaps and not for melt and pour soaps.
  • How should I cure my Ohayo cold pressed soap?
    When you recieve a fresh Ohayo bar, you will also get a tag saying "I'm a fresh soap, Cure me". Take the soap out of the Ohayo gift pouch and the paper envelope. Now place the naked soap in your clothes cupboard (away from sunlight), for atleast 3 weeks and enjoy a mild fragrance welcoming you, whenever you open your cupboard. keep the label* next to the soap, so that you know your ingredients after 3 weeks. After 3-4 weeks take it for a shower. While natural cold process soap curing is recommended for a minimum of 4-6 weeks, by the time you recieve your bar of soap, we would have already done some weeks of curing you.You can store the soap for more than a year. Ohayo cold process soaps age well, just like wine. *For thatunexpected guest or a surprise festive ocassion, you can pack the ohayo soap back into our gift pouch with the label and give it as a gift. An intimate, handcrafted, vegan gift ready in no time.
  • What are SOAP LOGS?
    SOAP LOGS are large, uncut blocks of soap. When you select weights above 200 from our store, you get a log of soap. A single 1kg SOAP LOG can last up to 18 months for one person. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. The expiry date for a SOAP LOG is three years from the manufacturing date. SOAP LOGS are earth-friendly, thus reducing the carbon footprint in our consumption habits. Our SOAP LOGS are available at 15% reduced prices compared to a single Ohayo bar because when you buy/gift a SOAP LOG, you help indirectly reduce : Packaging costs Transport costs Reduce landfills SOAP LOGS are handy as a thoughtful, intimate gift for any occasion. Cut a slice, use our provided packaging for this reason, and enjoy gifting. When you need customization in your gifting experience, contact us at 9845601795. You can display the logs on your coffee table. When someone gets curious, cut them a slice and gift it to them. We suggest a ceramic/ wooden cheese platter with a glass dome for the display. Could you tell them it is soap and not edible, especially when kids are at home? Our SOAP LOGS are artisanal, vegan, petrochemical-free, and cruelty-free. They are luxury suds that are baby skin-friendly, which means you can use them for children above nine months. They release no toxins through the bath water. So the sea beings stay healthy. Thank you for being a part of this sustainable activity.
  • How to cut my SOAP LOG into smaller bars?
    Store the LOG in your wardrobe, away from direct sunlight. We have provided you with extra sheets to wrap them for storage. Our soaps love to breathe. So you do not have to seal them tightly, but wrap them enough not to let dust, etc., settle on them. Our final product is inedible, but our base oils are all-natural and edible. You are using pure fats from luxury oils with high levels of naturally formed glycerin, vitamin E, and minerals that help your skin stay hydrated. All that blends well ends well.
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