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Delicate notes of lime, cucumber, musk, rose, lemon, tuberose, and clove in pure jojoba oil dilution. 


Roll on your pulse centers, insides of your elbow, and behind the ears. Roll it on after your morning shower or at night. Add it to your travel kit. Morning Dew comes in a convenient 10ml, carry along, metal roll-on amber glass bottle. Amber glass protects the fragrance from UV rays.


Our delicately designed perfume oils are intimate, almost like a secret. Morning Dew makes an ideal gift. Compliment Morning Dew with an Ohayo handcrafted luxury shower bar.


Weight:  10ml


Alcohol  Free. Cruelty-Free. No Polysorbates

Body chemistry, stress levels, age, diet, skin type, and medications can alter the fragrance you wear.

Morning Dew


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