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A gentle fragrance of rose oil and patchouli saponified with wood-pressed coconut oil, olive oil, palma christi oil, kaolin clay, lye, purified water, a sprinkling of music, and love.


Ohayo Tip - Always look through rose-tinted glasses. Keep the frames tinted, not the lens.


    An interesting dot of history about the phrase "rose-tinted glasses." It is claimed that soldiers of the US Civil War were prescribed glasses with colored lenses with the intention of treating disorders such as depression (Henry, 2016). Supposedly this practice gave rise to the phrase “To see the world through rose-colored glasses,” which refers to individuals who hold a positive outlook on life. (Source:


    • Small Batch
    • Petrochemical Free
    • No Animal Testing
    • 100% Vegan
    • Certified: Grade 1 - IS 2888:2004
    • We use natural colours, fragrances, clays that fade in time.

    Rose Tinted Glasses

    PriceFrom ₹385.00

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