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Shower Thoughts

We don't know many of them either. We believe a good bath can be soothing, healing, and just pure fun. We like to call our soaps "a no-fuss TLC routine."

All vegan, natural, no-fuss everyday spa time with soaps and after bath perfume oils.

Pamper yourself or someone special.

If you are pressed for time, singing (try Tuvan throat singing), in your shower can transform a "technically I had a bath" to "I spent some quality time with myself (without worrying about missing my school bus)". Yes. We were surprised when many adults told us that their morning shower is always rushed. They say, it is habit formation since school.

Your shower time is your private time. Do not let your cat/dog/pig whining for attention at your bathroom door, disturb you.

Turning your phone to airplane mode and turning the music on is recommended.

Bonne douche.

At Ohayo By Abitha, we blend cultures, rhythms, and fragrances to create that bar of soap that you gift yourself or someone you love.

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