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The Sea Inside

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The Sea Inside is an ode to a beautiful film. A true story of a man who could not walk or move but went on many journeys.

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The base of this pure, earthy fragrance leaves a yearning for the scent of the rain. It may sound funny, but this exotic fragrance brings to us the visual of a cow chewing the sweetest blade of grass at around 4 pm in the evening, while the sun is going westward and it is about to rain.

We are sure there is a more poetic way to express this visual, but right now, we are feeling like that cow. Pure Indian vetiver essential oil (grade 1) is saponified with wood-pressed coconut oil, olive oil, palma christi oil, unbleached kokum butter, activated charcoal, kaolin clay, lye, and purified water.

The traditional method of creating handmade soaps hasn't undergone much of a change in a few hundred years. While the thought is romantic, it is physical labor and very dependent on natural elements.

Handcrafted soaping is much like farming. Humidity and temperature levels greatly affect the behavior of every ingredient in the soaping process. Everybody is the main character here. No extras!

To this volatile situation, we add more volatility in the form of natural clays, butters, colours, fragrances, and essential oils. Each and every oil has its own quirks, demands and behaves very differently during saponification.

What smells very strong off the amber bottle, doesn't necessarily convert to the same after it mixes with the other characters in the cauldron. Experience and patience have taught us what works and what doesn't.

At the end of it all, because we love playing with the chemistry, the music, the fragrances, and the colours, we try to create a bar which you might love to take back home with you.

A rush gift that feels intimate and endearing.

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