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Sandalwood Unplugged

So, guess what we discovered about Sandalwood? It's not just a tree; it's a bit of a social butterfly in the plant world.

Sandalwood, turns out, is a chill parasitic plant. It kicks back with host trees like Casuarina, acacia, cassia trees, and even the down-to-earth grass. It's like a green co-op where everyone provides a comfortable setting for the sandalwood to grow, and in return, it shares its cool scents.

Here's the wild part: a sandalwood tree doesn't just stand alone. Nope, it's a team player, forming an underground network with its buddies.

Picture this: a single sandalwood tree shooting its roots out like a handshake, connecting up to three meters with its friendly neighbourhood. It's basically the plant version of a networking event.

So, the next time you're using our plant-based oils and fragrances, remember you're dabbing a bit of nature's networking magic on yourself. And if you need a soundtrack, Pharoah Sanders got your back with Our roots began in Africa.

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