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Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Originally called GIPT, the word GIFT

comes from the old Norse language, meaning to give.

However, in Swedish, the word gift means poison and married. Interesting how language and sounds are so different across borders.

We can't make up such things, so here is a link to learn more.

Talking about wordplay...

Would you like to gift a present or present a gift?

This banal witticism is inspired by our friend Aravind Murali who has made over 75 audio collages about two crows discussing current affairs.

Reminds us of RK Laxman's cartoons in the newspaper long ago.

We aren't making this up either, so here is a link to his work.


Handmade with love.

A reminder that the best gifts in life are people themselves.

This gift comes to you with joyful smiles and gentle hugs, quality time, a sprinkling of music, and some sunlight. They are all handmade with love.

A toned-down version of the thought is bundled for you in a gift card.

We have another easy gifting option for you, a Rainbow Bundle.

7 Fragrances. 7 Bars. 7 Moods. Create a Rainbow Bundle by selecting the soaps you’d like from the dropdown menus at our online store.

You can choose between selecting 7 bars or leaving the 7th to the unknown.

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