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Creating Artisanal Ohayo Soaps

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

We mix cultures, rhythms, and fragrances to create a bar of soap that you gift yourself or someone you love. The traditional method of creating handmade soaps hasn't undergone much change in a few hundred years. While the thought is romantic, it is physical labor dependent on natural elements.

Handcrafted soaping is much like farming. Humidity and temperature levels significantly affect the behavior of every ingredient in the soaping process. Everybody is the main character here. No extras.

Plant-based oils

Wood pressed / cold-pressed oils from locally sourced organic farms across Tamil Nadu through farmer producer associations.

Unlike our soaps, our oil bases are edible.

Natural Clays, Plant Butters and Vegan Colours

To this volatile situation, we add more volatility in natural clays, plant-based butters, colours, fragrances, and essential oils. Every oil has its quirks and demands and behaves very differently during saponification.

Healing Essential Oils / Ohayo Fragrance Blends

What smells very strong off the amber bottle doesn't necessarily convert to the same after it mixes with the other characters in the cauldron. Ultimately, because we love playing with the chemistry, the music, the fragrances, and the colours, we try to create a bar that you might love to take back home with you.

We create Love and Rainbow Bundles with a sprinkling of music and the joy of indulgent crafting.

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