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Excited bubbles, dinosaurs and the word chemical.

Updated: Apr 12

A beautiful dance, music, and colour festival is happening all around you as you go

about your daily bath routine. Falling water causes surface tension, which creates millions of tiny droplets, each with its molecular structure. Let's take a moment to appreciate the fascinating chemistry that occurs when human skin comes into contact with water and soap.

Depending on the amount of cohesion and adhesion, pendant droplets, spherical droplets, or just sheets of water constantly form around you.

The sound created by water when you shower is made by excited bubbles trapped underwater.

Those dancing/ oscillating bubbles are responsible for most of the water sounds.

While you are soaping, soap films are created, and they always meet in threes along an edge called a Plateau border. You might want to take a moment and look for soap films and how they form along a border while you shower.

The sheer beauty of Iridescence is an optical phenomenon in soap bubbles created by microstructures that interfere with light and form beautiful colors around you. It's a fairy tale setting every time you have a bath. Add a good lather from an Ohayo soap (sorry couldn't resist sliding in the reference).

Why are we using words like surface tension and molecular structure?

Just a shift in the language to help us understand that we are constantly in the midst of chemical reactions within and outside us. And yet we have such a difficult relationship regarding the word chemical.

Chemical is a neutral word.

Our emotional connection to the word may be tainted with misinformation. When something is labeled as organic, we trust in it. When something is referred to as natural, we believe in it. But at the end of the day, everything that is natural and organic is also all chemical.

Yes, All matter is chemical, just like you, me, and water. The amount of processing makes the chemical unsuitable for the planet's sustainability. A simple yet weird analogy would be the term overthinking. It is the same as over-processing a chemical.

Thinking is good. Overthinking is unhealthy. Similarly, over-processed chemicals and petrochemicals are not good for you.

A few scribbles to ponder about...

What if a dinosaur's drink became the water for your shower today?

Because water circulates our planet, you could drink the same water as a stegosaurus or a T-Rex. A dinosaur, you and I are part of the same water cycle.

So if we shift our perspective to think from the water's point of view, we are all the same: you, me, and the dinosaur.

We could go with the flow (pun intended) with less complication. It also tells us that from the water's POV, everything is just a loop. As you ascend, you will transform into vapor; as you descend, you will transform into water. For millions of years, over and over.

On that flow of thought, here is something we learned today. The water is not wet.

Bonne douche. Keep the music on. Have a relaxing bucket bath or shower.

Sources: Wikipedia/ google

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