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Of Smelly Dogs & Macho Men

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

It's either that I grew up with dogs, or I may be one; the smell is everything to me. There are good smells, and then there are the rest. I have tried to be in a place that smells good and avoided bad-smelling spaces and people in them all my life. For the love of good smell, I may have pushed some spaces and people far, far away from myself.

Having successfully done that, I could now focus on smelling good myself.

As a kid, I, on a 14-inch black and white TV, saw a macho man, on a horse, on a beach, bathing with a green brick ( he bathed by himself, the horse didn't bathe with him).

That was it, my brain told me, use the soap, you will not only smell good, but you will also become that guy when you grow up. That's the only soap I have used all my life until Abitha decided to make soaps. We went through the usual process:

Me: Awesome, good for you!

A: idiot, I am sending a sample; try it out.

Me: Sure!

A: Let me know how it is.

Me: Sure!

Honestly, I didn't use the soap. Green brick macho is the dream. Nothing else will do. But my bag smelt like a dream, my laptop, charger, everything in the bag, even year-old printouts of tickets. I still wouldn't budge.

I was in Chennai recently helping my parents move. Abitha lives nearby too. I visited her, and that house and every room and every corner of the house had so many smells, fantastic ones; if you are into smells, you will know the trip. That was it, I bought some soaps, and Abitha explained about each one in detail, I was already tripping on the smell, but nothing registered. I returned home to my wife and showed her the soaps, and she asked for details. I had no idea what was what; the only thing I knew was they all smell great.

Now, everyone at home uses these colorful, oddly sized cubes, we sometimes cut them to smaller sizes, and sometimes we don't. The house smells great, we feel fantastic when we bathe, there is genuine happiness, and of course, a great-smelling home. It's brought back something, doesn't know what, but something.

Come, fall in love with bathing. I know what I did there :)


Visesh. K is a game producer by day and a seeker of terrible videos on YouTube by night. He is primarily grumpy and responds almost always in monosyllables. His family includes his best friend and his 6-year-old daughter, who is a unicorn princess.

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